Thursday, April 22, 2010

Celebrate Earth Day at Grow & Save!

Bring in 10 phone books or 2 pairs of jeans on Thursday, April 22 and get 22% off any one item! (excludes sale items)

Help us recycle those unsightly blue bags of phone books that are cluttering Chicago's sidewalks and doorsteps! If my children and I have already picked up all the phone books in your area, you can bring in 2 pair of jeans that will be recycled into home insulation!

This is an easy way to show the Earth that you care and get the deepest discount that we have ever offered. The 22% can be applied to any item in the store (furniture, gear, clothing, etc.) that is not already on sale!

Note: You are welcome to call the store (773-489-0009) to tell us that you are on your way with phonebooks and we can direct you to our recycling bin in the back of our store!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Celebrate the start of Spring with Tax Free Days at grow

Shop at grow today, April 16 through Sunday, April 18 and we will pay your sales tax! That’s 10.25% off all regular-priced items! Why not try and save when you can!

Receive 10.25% off all non-sale items including cribs, twin beds, dressers, strollers and clothing. Come shop and try out the 2010 stroller models, new Spring clothing, and much more. We look forward helping you!

Online purchases: If you live outside of Illinois, it is always tax free to shop at grow. If you are an Illinois resident and purchasing online, the sales tax will be taken off after we receive your order and before your card is charged. If you would prefer to call us with your order, please call us at 877-747-4769.