Sunday, December 12, 2010

Spot On Square 20% off the Month of December!

Grow and Spot on Square have teamed up this month to offer 20% off on all their Eco-friendly and Modern furniture. Family owned and operated, all of Spot on Square's furniture is made in the USA, offering parents a safe and modern option when it comes to choosing furniture for their children.

Choose from the Eicho, Hiya, and Roh collections providing the flexibility to mix and match or go with all one collection.

EICHO Collection- This clean, sleek and simple look can match both modern and traditional styles. This crib also has a toddler conversion which can last through the toddler years. The Eicho dresser has swing open doors with a large drawer at the bottom. Perfect for a changing table and storage/bar later down the road.

HIYA Collection- Made of birch wood and bamboo.  Choose from all-white, birch and white, or bamboo and white.  ($750 - $1,050).  They also offer a great modern toddler bed $450-$625.

ROH Collection- Made with BPA and Phthalate free 100% recyclable acrylic and locally sourced walnut. With this mature collection your are buying pieces meant to last. This dresser has a removable tray which offers a lifetime of storage. The crib offers a toddler conversion as well.

Spot on Square is available in a few weeks depending on which collection you are interested in. Grow also has a few pieces in stock at our local warehouse ready to be delivered.

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