Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SMRT - Child Development 101 for busy parents

UPDATE:  If you are unable to make it to the 6 week course we are now offering a drop-in option every Thursday evening from 7:30-9pm. We are thrilled to have the following local community professionals speak at Grow:

Milestones & Medical Care: Dr. Erica Dayan (www.pediatricpartnerssc.com) Soothe & Sleep: Janeen Hayward (www.swellbeing.com)
Eat: Elena Marre (www.kids-table.com)
Movement: Malik Turley (www.hipcirclestudio.com)
Communications: Wendy (www.babysignsprogram.com/bywendyauffant/)
Touch & Affection: Greta Huizenga (www.bcstherapy.com)
Family Astrology: Julie Lampert (www.eltifdesigns.com) Creativity & Play: Bubbles Academy (www.bubblesacademy.com)
Grow is very excited to be partnering with SMRT, the hands on education tools needed to help today's busy parents organize and prepare for one of life's greatest and most chaotic gifts, babies! We will be hosting the SMRT classes at Grow every Thursday from 7:30-9pm starting January 20-February 24.

This six-week course is designed to help new and expecting parents connect with local experts and receive great tips on raising children and being the best parent you can be.

Two Mom Extraordinaires, Hope Firsel and Robyn Miller Brecker, have come together to combine their knowledge plus years of dedication and experience with life coaching to help people in all areas fulfill their life goals.  After becoming a mom, Hope and Robyn have decided to gear their effort towards helping new and expecting parents simplify and organize their lives, enabling them to have the most time to spend on what is important. 

Here is a sample of just one of many easy check list SMRT provides to help achieve these goals:

This six week course is $90, please call 773 489 009 or email info@grow-kids.com to register.

"Through SMRT we strive to provide education, awareness and simple everyday tools and solutions. We believe if parents have what they need to make conscious decisions, our next generation will have the best chance to mature into confident and extraordinary people ready to transform our world".

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