Monday, February 7, 2011

The Importance of organic cotton

We often get asked at the store if it is really that necessary to buy organic clothing for your new baby, the answer is yes. While our skin is our largest organ, it is also the most sensitive and, for newborns, very absorbent and vulnerable

Clothing that is not organic is often made with regular cotton which is grown with harmful pesticides, and then later chemically treated with flame retardants and toxic dyes.

There are so many things out there that can overwhelm us when it comes to having a baby, especially their health and well being. Something so simple as choosing organic cotton is just one small step to creating a healthy environment for your child.

One of our favorite brands Kate Quinn is the solution to safe, soft organic clothing. She has a wide range of pieces that are perfect to get you through the first few month of outfitting your baby. She has a very cute line of toddler clothing as well.

Here are a few of our favorites:
The perfect cozy footie 

This Sherpa fabric is the organic option vs fleece, sherpa is breathable yet warm for these winter days

We always have customers running in for pants, these are soft and start 0/3-18/24 months, such a great basic

If you don't know by know, you will learn that kimono onesies will make your life so much easier in those first few weeks, the side snaps make is so you do not have to put over babies head, also gentle on belly button.
Sleep gowns make midnight feedings and diaper changes smooth as your babies skin. With easy access to their legs, these are a staple in a newborns wardrobe.

We love helping families prepare for this amazing adventure, especially in the most eco-friendly, organic and cost effective way possible. 

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